Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding Bench Press: What is the Distinction?

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding Bench Press: What is the Distinction?

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding Bench Press: What is the Distinction?

Match your bench press fashion to your coaching aim by studying the distinction between these two main train variations. 

Powerlifting Bodybuilding Bench Press

Nearly everybody who lifts weights does the bench press. It is a vital train for creating maximal higher physique power and measurement. Nonetheless, there are two foremost bench press kinds all lifters ought to concentrate on – the powerlifting bench press and the bodybuilding bench press. Every one impacts your physique in a different way, so it is essential to make use of the precise one in your targets.

Muscle tissue used throughout the bench press 

Whichever kind of bench press you do, the muscle mass concerned are the identical. Nonetheless, completely different bench press methods change how a lot every muscle contributes to the train. The primary muscle mass concerned in bench urgent are:

Pectoralis major- pecs for brief, these are the massive muscle mass on the entrance of your chest. Their foremost perform is horizontal flexion of the shoulder joint.

Anterior deltoids– the frontmost of the three deltoid or shoulder muscle mass. The anterior deltoids work alongside the pecs in horizontal shoulder flexion.

 Triceps brachii– the primary muscle mass on the again of your higher arm. These muscle mass are often recognized merely because the triceps. Your triceps lengthen your elbow joint.

The powerlifting bench press 

Powerlifting is a sport of three lifts – the squat, bench press, and the deadlift. Every lifter will get three makes an attempt at every train, and the winner is the one that has the best three-lift complete. Due to this fact, the purpose of the powerlifting bench press is to elevate as a lot weight as doable. It’s a take a look at of pure power.

To make sure truthful competitors, a powerlifting bench press should conform to particular guidelines, the primary ones being:

-Head is on the bench

-Shoulders are on the bench

– Butt is on the bench

-Ft are on the bottom

-Bar should pause on the chest till the referee offers the command to press

-After it is unracked, the bar should be lowered and lifted unaided, i.e., with out help from spotters

To elevate the best doable weight, most powerlifters use a large grip mixed with a big again arch. This reduces the space that the bar has to journey, permitting the lifter to maneuver extra weight. Arching your again lifts your chest up towards the bar, successfully shortening your arms and enhancing your leverage.

If a lifter could be very versatile, this may cut back the space the bar has to journey to only a few inches. Powerlifters additionally are likely to decrease the bar down towards their higher stomach, which additional reduces the space the bar has to journey.

Concerning lifting velocity, most powerlifters attempt to full their reps as shortly as doable. Which means they decrease the burden quick, however below management, pause till the referee offers the command to press, after which attempt to push the burden up as quick as doable. Much less time below rigidity makes use of much less vitality, so extra weight could be lifted.

Whereas that is an efficient method to increase your bench press efficiency, it truly makes the train simpler. Shifting the burden shortly over shorter distance means much less work. This is not dishonest; it is simply working inside the confines of the foundations.

To extend their bench press efficiency, powerlifters typically bench twice every week, and typically extra. Studying and perfecting the powerlifting bench press takes follow, and meaning doing it continuously. Nonetheless, to keep away from boredom and stagnation, every exercise is often completely different.

For instance: 

Exercise 1 – e.g., MondayExercise 2 – e.g., Friday
TrainUnits and repsTrainUnits and reps
Competitors bench press*5 x 2-3Floor presses4 x 8
Slender grip bench press3 x 5Speed bench press8 x 3
Push-ups four x maxDips four x max
Triceps pushdowns Three x 12Cranium crushers Three x 12

*Utilizing similar method utilized in competitors

The powerlifting bench press is simply actually appropriate for aggressive lifters, and individuals who wish to practice to bench extra weight. Nonetheless, if you’re a newbie, or wish to construct muscle, this strategy shouldn’t be excellent. In case your aim is to construct a giant chest, the bodybuilding bench press is a greater choice.

Bodybuilding bench press 

The purpose bodybuilding is to construct and sculpt your muscle mass to create an aesthetically pleasing physique. Muscle tissue not solely must be large; in addition they must be well-shaped. To realize this, bodybuilders use a variety of workouts to work their muscle mass in quite a lot of methods. The bench press is taken into account to be a great chest mass builder, nevertheless it’s simply one in all a number of efficient pec workouts.

In bodybuilding, the quantity of weight you possibly can elevate shouldn’t be that essential. As a substitute, the main focus is on working the goal muscle mass as exhausting as doable. The place the powerlifting bench press is designed to make the train simpler, permitting you to elevate extra weight, the bodybuilding bench press is the alternative. It is designed to put extra stress on the goal muscle mass. This implies you will not be capable of elevate as a lot weight however, with bodybuilding, you aren’t judged in your efficiency within the fitness center however how your coaching impacts your physique.

Due to this, bodybuilders don’t use such a large grip or pronounced arch, and a few even elevate their ft off the ground. In line with research, this will likely improve pectoralis main recruitment, which is the goal muscle throughout the bodybuilding bench press (1).

Bodybuilders additionally attempt to take their muscle mass by a much bigger vary of movement. They do that by not arching their backs and decreasing the bar to the touch the mid to higher chest. Some bodybuilders favor dumbbells for bench presses and chest growth as a result of they permit for a fair larger vary of movement.

To make their muscle mass work tougher, bodybuilders typically use very a prescriptive lifting tempo. This implies they decrease and lifts the burden in a really managed manner. For instance, they could decrease the burden in 4 seconds, pause for a second, elevate it in 4 seconds, pause for a second, so that every rep takes a complete of 10 seconds.

Whereas this can be a good technique for constructing muscle, a gradual tempo limits the quantity of weight you possibly can elevate, and powerlifters are a lot much less prone to practice this fashion.

Bodybuilders additionally have a tendency to make use of a variety of completely different variations of the bench press to maximise muscle development. This not solely prevents boredom and stagnation; research counsel that train selection is each bit as essential as units, reps, and cargo development for muscle development (2).

Bodybuilding bench press variations embody: 

  • Barbell bench presses
  • Dumbbell bench presses 
  • Incline bench presses
  • Decline bench presses
  • Reverse grip bench presses
  • Paused bench presses 
  • Extensive-grip bench presses 
  • Slender grip bench presses 

Whereas powerlifters could often use a few of these workouts, they’ll solely accomplish that for selection and to offer a break from competitors bench urgent, corresponding to throughout the low season. Most of a powerlifter’s coaching will middle on the competition-style bench press.

Some other bench press variations could also be used as help or accent lifts to spice up competitors bench press efficiency. For instance, slim grip bench presses are a terrific triceps strengthening train. In distinction, bodybuilders use these variations to purposely goal completely different areas of their chest to create greater, fuller, extra shapely pecs.

Bodybuilders additionally have a tendency to make use of a unique repetition vary to powerlifters, largely sticking to 6-12 reps per set. That is thought of to be the perfect repetition vary for 30061/what-is-hypertrophy/]hypertrophy. Most bodybuilders additionally are likely to bench press simply as soon as per week.

Instance bodybuilding exercise that includes bench presses:

Train Units and reps
Barbell bench press4 x 8
Incline dumbbell bench press Three x 10
Decline chest press machine Three x 10
Cable crossovers Three x 12
Push-ups Three x max

The wrap up: which bench press variation is best for you? 

Your bench press fashion ought to match your coaching aim. Doing the mistaken kind of bench press may imply you do not get the perfect outcomes out of your exercises.

The powerlifting bench press is good for anybody who desires to compete within the sport of powerlifting, or simply desires to coach to have the ability to do a giant, single rep bench press. For those who care about how a lot weight you possibly can elevate, this can be a variation for you.

In case you are extra involved about the way you look than how a lot weight you possibly can elevate, the bodybuilding bench press is your most suitable option. You may nonetheless get stronger, however probably the most noticeable impact might be muscle development.

Do you wish to obtain each of those targets concurrently? Practice like a powerlifter as soon as every week, after which practice like a bodybuilder a few days later. That is referred to as powerbuilding/]energy constructing, and it is a good compromise for lifters who wish to be large AND robust.

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